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Kippax - 3/4 Automatic 2000TOUV


  • 3/4-Automatic clamshell operation with a gripper take off system
  • 1 or 2 lamp UV drying system available
  • Substrate gripper take up to 9mm material thickness
  • Patented Thieme Hi-Tech squeegee system (under licence) 
  • Front screen loading
  • Movable control panel
  • HMI display of operation functions
  • Automatic screen “peel off” (adjustable) 
  • HMI programmable squeegee speed and stroke length
  • Adjustable registration x – y printing base with snap off distance 0-40mm
  • Start position and amount of peel-off
  • Foot pedal start including pre-vacuum
  • Ink reclaim systems, when squeegee travels an additional 50mm
  • Every 4th. print to reclaim ink at the rear of the screen
  • Squeegee set up position where both the squeegee and coater remain in the up position
  • HMI memory save and recall system.


  • HMI controlled printing pressure with memory recall (Air regulator fitted as standard)
  • Pneumatic frame clamping
  • Pneumatic lay on pins
  • Pneumatic squeegee beam turnover system
  • Raising belt take off system for glass or rigid material available on request
  • Illuminated print base
  • Automatic sheet stacker
  • Sheet collection tray


  • 380/415v, 3 phase, 50/60 Hz, 10 amps


  • 1.0cfm @100psi (30 litres / min @7bar) 


  • Graphics
  • Industrial
  • Packaging
  • Glass
  • Fine Art
  • Ceramics
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Model Max Print Area Max Screen Size OD Overall Size
2518TO-UV 640mm x 460mm 965mm x 887mm 5023mm x 1875mm
3224TO-UV 800mm x 600mm 1142mm x 1039mm 5423mm x 2015mm
4030TO-UV 1000mm x 750mm 1346mm x 1180mm 5743mm x 2165mm
4832TO-UV 1200mm x 800cm 1549mm x 1242mm 6113mm x 2215mm
6348TO-UV 1600mm x 1220mm 1930mm x 1649mm 7063mm x 2635mm
7248TO-UV 1820mm x 1220mm 2158mm x 1649mm 7713mm x 2635mm
8060TO-UV 2040mm x 1520mm 2462mm x 2054mm 8263mm x 2935mm
9950TO-UV 2510mm x 1270mm 2944mm x 1800mm 9438mm x 2685mm
All technical information is not binding and is subject to change
NB. Other sizes are available on request

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