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Kippax - Paraprint


  • Supplied with one arm squeegee
  • ¼ automatic operation
  • Rigid construction
  • Horizontal  screen frame at all times 
  • Pneumatic or manual screen frame raise and lower
  • Clearance on the both sides for overhang
  • Fine pitch x-y registration on printing base 
  • Strong silent vacuum unit with auto on/off 
  • Sliding screen frame clamps for easy set-up


  • Constant print pressure control 
  • Screen peel-off  
  • Assisted pneumatic squeegee drive 
  • Off contact by hand wheel 
  • Pneumatic screen frame clamping
  • Drying rack


  • Ball transfer system for material handling
  • Air flotation 
  • Front and side register lays
  • Loading rollers (moveable)


  • 220/240v, Single phase, 50/60 Hz, 8 amps

PNUEMATICS – Standard Machine / XL Machine (for automatic raise & lower)

  • Basic Machine 3cfm @100psi (90 litres/min @7bar) Models 1520-PP up to 7248-PP
  • Basic Machine 3.5cfm @100psi (98 litres/min @7bar) Models 8030-PP up to 24060-PP

PNUEMATICS – with Squeegee Drive (Option)

  • Frame lift 3cfm @100psi (90 litres/min @7bar) Models 1520-PP up to 7248-PP
  • Frame lift 8cfm @100psi (225 litres/min @7bar) Models 8030-PP up to 24060-PP


  • Graphics
  • Industrial
  • Glass
  • Fine Art
  • Education
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Model Max Print Area Max Screen Size OD Overall Size
1520-PP 381mm x 508mm 940mm x 863mm 1676mm x 2895mm
3020-PP 762mm x 508mm 1321mm x 863mm 2057mm x 2895mm
4030-PP 1016mm x 762mm 1575mm x 1117mm 2311mm x 3145mm
6040-PP 1524mm x 1016mm 2083mm x 1371mm 2819mm x 3403mm
7248-PPXL 1828mm x 1219mm 2387mm x 1701mm 3106mm x 3606mm
8030-PPXL 2032mm x 762mm 2591mm x 1244mm 3310mm x 3149mm
9648-PPXL 2438mm x 1219mm 2997mm x 1701mm 3716mm x 3606mm
12048-PPXL 3048mm x 1219mm 3607mm x 1701mm 4326mm x 3606mm
14448-PPXL 3657mm x 1219mm 4216mm x 1701mm 4935mm x 3606mm
15860-PPXL 4013mm x 1524mm 4572mm x 2108mm 5291mm x 3911mm
16860-PPXL 4267mm x 1524mm 4826mm x 2108mm 5545mm x 3911mm
24060-PPXXL 6096mm x 1524mm 6756mm x 2108mm 7493mm x 4013mm
All technical information is not binding and is subject to change
NB. Other sizes are available on request

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