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Kippax - Printascreen Totally Enclosed Exposure Unit


  • Metal Halide Light Sources, 2Kw, 2/5Kw, 2/6Kw available
  • Exposure by self-compensating digital light integrator
  • Safety glass
  • Cooling fans
  • Stencil safe lights and retouching lights
  • Highly flexible vacuum blanket suitable for direct and indirect stencil systems
  • Ultra-fast vacuum exhaust system using all four sides of the blanket frame


  • High vacuum pressure units available 


  • Graphics
  • Industrial
  • Education
  • Studio / workshops
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Model  Max Screen Size OD Light Source
Electrics Overall Size Height
1010mm x 710mm 2Kw 220/240v, 50/60Hz 1309mm x 1229mm 1300mm
11-PS 1270mm x 1010mm 2Kw 220/240v, 50/60Hz 1569mm x 1529mm 1300mm
11-1-PS 1270mm x 1010mm 2/5Kw 380/415v, 50/60Hz 1569mm x 1529mm 1300mm
111-PS 1650mm x 1390mm 2Kw 220/240v, 50/60Hz 1950mm x 1916mm 1375mm
111-1-PS 1650mm x 1390mm 2/5Kw 380/415v, 50/60Hz 1950mm x 1916mm 1375mm
111-2-PS 1650mm x 1390mm 2/6Kw 380/415v, 50/60Hz 1950mm x 1916mm 1375mm
All technical information is not binding and is subject to change
NB. Other sizes are available on request

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