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INPRO Large Format Guillotines

The Rhino and Jumbo Guillotines use hydraulic technology for variable power & speed operation. This unique system ensure clean positive cuts even on multi layer display materials.

Product Features:

  • New technology in order to square cut the widest range of POP/POS materials used by large format screen, digital and offset printing companies.
  • Special fully hydraulic cutter
  • Touchscreen computer for faster working. 
  • Special program for cutting harder plastic materials with a smooth cut.
  • Simple in use and minimal maintenance.
  • Cutting stacks of open materials without damaging the materials.
  • Fastest way of cutting your materials in stacks with square cuts.
  • Robust machines for cutting large volumes of materials.
  • Easy to turn materials on back tables
  • CE approved, EN1010 

Rhino versus Jumbo cutter:

  • Both machines can cut the same (open) materials
  • The Rhino cutter has a lower cutting height 60mm instead of 100mm
  • The Rhino cutter is a robust and economic version
  • The Rhino sizes start with 2200mm up to 3600mm and Jumbo from 2600mm up to 5300mm

Additional Options:

  • Additional cutting blade
  • Air floatation tables 

Electrics Requirements:

  • 380 / 415v, 4 phase, 50Hz

Market Sector:

  • Graphics – POP / POS
Model Cutting Size Cutting Height Overall Size L x W x H
Rhino 220 2200mm 60mm 3300mm x 3600mm x 1600mm
Rhino 260 2600mm  60mm 3700mm x 3900mm x 1600mm
Rhino 320 3200mm 60mm 4300mm x 4500mm x 1600mm
Rhino 360 3600mm  60mm 4700mm x 4900mm x 1600mm
Jumbo 260 2600mm  100mm 4080mm x 4410mm x 1750mm
Jumbo 320 3200mm  100mm 4680mm x 4810mm x 1750mm
Jumbo 360 3600mm  100mm 5080mm x 5210mm x 1750mm
Jumbo 400 4000mm  100mm 5480mm x 5720mm x 1750mm
Jumbo 450 4500mm  100mm 5980mm x 6260mm x 1750mm
Jumbo 530 5300mm  On request On request

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